About Us

PAMAS Group was established in 1978 and considered one of the leading national establishments specialized in many business activities to keep pace with the Renaissance and rapid technological development in the Kingdom and to provide the best services to our clients, PAMAS Group represents many international companies as an exclusive agent.

The main activities of the group are summarized as follows:

  • 1. Building management systems,calibration and maintenance of (HVAC)high voltage air conditioning control required for the public and private sector, low current systems and cold stores.
  • 2. With regard to retail and industrial systems we are an exclusive agent of international companies for marketing, installation, operation and maintenance of RFID and theft detection systems used in retail and wholesale markets.
  • 3. Exclusive agents of international companies for importing, installation and maintenance of packaging systems and scales starting from weight of 1 gram to 60,000 tons used for hospitals and trucks.
  • 4. Importing and installation of security systems for commercial complexes, private and public buildings.
  • 5. Importing and installation of all buildings and interior decoration materials.
  • 6. Waste management system and transportation activities represented in operating and renting equipment and containers.
  • 7. Commercial production of perfumes and detergents.
  • 8. Supply, installation, operation and maintenance of Medical Equipments to Hospitals and medical centers.

  • The secret to our success is our commitment to after sales services.

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