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Building Services
Testing and Commissioning
Commissioning Management
  • This service covers all Mechanical and Electrical Systems in buildings.
  • LEED Commissioning Agents (CA)
  • We provide CA services under LEED Energy and Atmosphere Pre-requisite 1 and Credit 3
  • HVAC Testing and Balancing (TAB)
  • AJB is a leading Testing and Balancing Firm in the region, with experienced engineers managing its projects. We test for HVAC Air and Water Systems, Sound and Vibration. AJB is accredited by NEBB.
  • High Pressure Duct Leak Test
  • Using calibrated Duct Leak Testers for HVAC installations.
  • BMS Services
  • Our automation specialists are frequently called upon by contractors to interface between the mechanical contractor and the BMS/controls sub-contractor on sophisticated projects with Building Management Systems, to expedite this major activity.
  • Documentation and Training
    Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • We specialise in compiling O&M Manuals for all systems – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Architectural, Special Systems, etc, and have prepared manuals for several large and sophisticated projects throughout the region.
  • We employ full time experienced technical writers for this activity.
  • We produce electronic copy of the whole O&M Manuals set.
  • Operation and Maintenance Training
  • Preparation of detailed Training Program
  • Preparation of detailed Training Manuals
  • Actual theoretical and practical on-site Training
  • Emergency Manuals
  • Asset Database
  • We prepare the Asset Database in both electronic and hard copy. The document covers all equipment installed in the facility, showing quantities, serial number, characteristics, manufacturer, local supplier information, location of the relevant instructions in the O&M Manuals.
  • Safety and Energy
    Thermal Imaging
  • We carry out Thermal Imaging Survey of the MEP equipment. This high technology makes it possible to detect faults at their inception, (for example overheating, leaks, etc). Hence, it is an excellent tool of predictive maintenance which will minimise the downtime of equipment by planning fault rectifications before the fault becomes a major one.
  • Building Air tightness (Envelope) Test
  • This test will prove this integrity and leakage in a building envelope using special test equipment and software (recommended by LEED)
  • Room Integrity Test
  • This test will prove the tightness of an enclosure protected by FM200 (or other fire agent) to determine if the required concentration to put out a fire is achieved. Non-destructive test.
  • Smoke Evacuation Test
    Efficiency verification of the smoke exhaust system during simulated smoke conditions.
    Smoke Drain Test
  • To check leakage in plumbing and drainage system in buildings with the use of smoke.
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • We use special sensors to measure CO2, CO, etc
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
    DOP Test for HEPA Filters
  • AJB has an advanced set of equipment to test HEPA Filters, such as DOP tests required in pharmaceutical plants, operation theatres, laboratories, microbiological safety cabinets, etc.
  • AJB can also perform the Clean Room Test and recovery required in similar applications.
  • Clean Room / Recover Test
  • Particle Count Test in Clean Rooms.
  • Microbiological Safety Cabinet Test
  • DOP, Particle Count and other tests required for such cabinets
  • Medical Gases System Validation
  • Witnessing the proper commissioning of the plant and distribution of these Gas System
  • Our Scope
    Testing and Balancing (TAB), HVAC validation
    Field Instrumentation and Calibrators

    Panel Instrumentation
    Pneumatic Instrumentation