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Building Managment System
Activities Organization
  • Temperature Instruments
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Humidity Air Quality Sensors
  • DDC (CPU)
  • I/O Modules
  • Front End Software (Arena AX, EBI / SymmetrE)
  • Accessing and Controlling Parameters
  • Services (Engineering, Programming, Commissioning Maintenance, Testing and Start-up)
  • Our Scope
    Connection Diagram
    Field Level
  • Temperature Instruments
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Humidity and Air Quality Sensors
  • Automation Level DDC [CPU] I/O Modules
    Management Level Front End Software (Arena AX, EBI, SymmetrE) Accessing and Controlling Parameters.
    Services A dedicated team for Engineering, Programming, Commissioning, Maintenance, Testing and Start-up
  • Our experience with BMS goes back to when they first began to play such a vital role in the life of buildings
  • Nowadays, they can be used to control all the systems in your facility, from heating and lighting to plumbing and fire detection and security, from huge boilers to individual clocks and everything in between
  • What do you need from your Building Management System?
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Usability
  • Intelligence
  • Quality Information Analysis
  • Cost Effectiveness