Weighing Scales & Systems
Cardinal Scale offers the widest variety of vehicle weighing technology and applications from one truck scale manufacturer. Cardinal Scale was the first company to produce an all-steel truck scale. Cardinal's wide variety of USA-made truck scales includes options for every type of weighing need, including electronic and hydraulic truck scales with concrete, steel, and pit type decks. Wireless truck scales are a convenient way to wirelessly transmit data from the scale to the indicator to peripheral equipment like printers, PCs, remote displays, and networks.
Product List
  • Baker Dough Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Counting Scales
  • Floor Scales
  • Hanging Scales
  • In-motion Checkweigher
  • Ingredient Scales
  • Intelligent Scale Bases
  • Livestock Scales
  • Load Cell Kits
  • Load Cells
  • Mail Scales
  • Mobile Apps
  • Overhead Track Scales
  • Portable Scales
  • Portion Scales
  • Price Computing Scales
  • Printers
  • Railroad Track Scales
  • Remote Displays
  • Retail POS/Logistics Scales
  • Scale Diagnostic Tools
  • Tank/Hopper Scales
  • Test Weights
  • Top Loading Dial Scales
  • Truck Scales
  • Weight Indicators
  • Our Scope

    We provides a one-stop shop for all of your weighing needs with an extensive product line of scales and weighing systems complete with a wide selection of peripheral equipment for your truck scale or weighing operation. Your risk is eliminated when you own a Cardinal scale, since you only have one call to make for new products and service support